Apollo Medical Information System

Optimising the potential of the modern elite athlete

Daily Management

"Keep it simple and quick" is our motto at Apollo, we like things to be visual and understandable. All parties involved in data collection and analysis can quickly read and interpret data, gone are the days of endless drop-down boxes! We allow full communication between coach, trainer, sport scientist or admin staff so they can easily pin-point and identify information allowing instant decisions for the benefit of the athlete, team and management to be made.

Injury Analysis

Sport is demanding and injury is an obstacle that can seriously damage the potential of an athlete or team to succeed. We identify these potential obstacles before they occur and create markers to help recognise when an athlete may be at risk; detecting overload from training, gym or a game form part of our system's built-in algorithms. We produce instant, easy to read data reports on factors that can affect injury such as medical history, age, physiological and psychological load.

Optimise Performance

With our team of in-house Sports Scientists and working with some of the best sports teams in the world, we have developed cutting-edge methodology to analyse and represent the crucial information that is needed to assist an individual or team to train smart and train optimally. This can be done on a session, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Our unique dashboards allow a coach or player to see where they are and where they should be, in terms of overall performance.

Timeline and Traffic Lights

One of our key features is the easy to visualise Timeline. Multiple events can be added and quickly reviewed by any department, cutting down on time in both entering and retrieving relevant data and information. Our Traffic light system easily identifies key metrics of risk for injury through physical overload, in practice or a game situation. This allows individuals to train smart and train optimally.

Tracking Wellness On The Go

Our App (iOS and Android) helps athletes to communicate and share wellbeing information at any time. It allows full communication between the coach, team and athlete delivering schedules, video plays of the opposition or training techniques, along with off season strength and conditioning workouts. Athletes can feedback to the team during 'in' and 'off' season.

Custom Reporting

Every sport, athlete and team are different. They will want and ask for different information and this changes over time. Apollo's Report Builder allows teams to create their own specific reports and metrics at a push of a button. Our platform has the capacity to build specific requests from a team: whether it be a specific executive dashboard or an administration tool, we have the capacity and sports knowledge to deliver a unique system to a client without them having to start from scratch. Welcome to the sports world of Apollo!!