Our Products and Services

Sustainable peak performance requires a highly motivated, highly skilled multi-disciplinary approach

This requires a wide range of data to be collected, analysed, distributed and actioned within the team setting and the Apollo System was developed as a platform specifically to meet that challenge. The system provides a holistic and approachable methodology and is being used by a number of first class teams to meet their needs in the following areas;

  • Electronic medical records, prescriptions, referrals, scans
  • Injury management, treatment and preventative therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Physiological testing and screening
  • Strength and conditioning planning
  • Daily training and athletic load management
  • Performance profiling
  • Athlete wellness assessment
  • Sports science monitoring
  • Scouting, opposition management and recruiting

All the information can be intelligently analysed using the Apollo Dashboards and the Apollo KPI system which is based on the 'balanced scorecard' concept. Every user of the system has his own perspective, his own set of targets and calls to action, his own intuitive dashboards.

Making Data Collection Easy

Apollo was developed to simplify the enormous amount of data collection surrounding the development and maintenance of elite sporting talents.

The system architecture was designed to store a wide range of data, from verbose medical consultation records to more structured data such as heart rate equipment, GPS units etc. The intention in all cases is to reduce the amount of time spent collecting and collating the data, working with the manufacturers when possible to ease the transformation of data from the raw format to an easy to understand report or KPI.

What Makes Us Different

The Apollo system has been developed over several years working with leading professionals in elite athlete management and so, 'out of the box', the system is ready to go. However, almost any aspect of the system can be customised to meet the specific needs of the user.

The Apollo framework has been designed, from the beginning, to be as flexible as possible. We understand that everybody works in a slightly different way and it's often those subtle differences that allow the support team to maximise their potential. The Apollo system accommodates these needs via fully configurable data capture screens, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), intuitive dashboards and smart navigation. You want to expand the datasets you collect? Not a problem, it can be done immediately. We can adapt your system as you adapt your methodology. We can be your partner on the cutting edge!